• Designed as per HACCP guidelines
  • Durable
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Ideal for wet or dry environments
  • Best suited for industrial hygiene

This product is sold as stand only. The product is Sanitizer Kickstand. This Sanitizer Kickstand is used with this stand to make a complete set. The cost is only for the Sanitizer Kickstand.

2,499.00 1,595.00

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Our most mainstream industrial dispensing framework inside the food processing industry, the compact EZ Step is intended to hold up to the most ideal conditions in any industry. The EZ Step will oblige our one-gallon jugs of hand sanitizer spray. This basic Sanitizer Kickstand, yet strong tempered steel allocator has an open channel configuration to take into account simple wash-down. Incorporates KT10011 atomizing hand sanitizer siphon unit for gallon bottle.


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