• Application – Aerial Sterilization of Operation Theater, Clean Room and buildings
  • Droplet Size- Less than 1 micron
  • Comes with Light indictor
  • Shape- Gun shape
  • Phase- Single Phase

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This SANITIZING GUN MIST SPRAY MACHINE is used with water-based eco-friendly disinfectants and generates a droplet size of less than 1 micron for overall coverage and efficacy. It helps save your expensive sanitizer and completely avoids floor wetting, which lessens the need for mopping once the fogging is done saving your precious time and effort SANITIZING GUN MIST SPRAY MACHINE comes with an in-built UL & CE approved timer for accurate dosing, which is calibrated for both time and volume of liquid for easy operation. Sanitizing GUN MIST SPRAY MACHINE  is fitted with a UL approved motor for long life and maximum reliability. 


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