• Perfect for use in workplaces, schools, hotels, emergency clinics and different zones with high traffic
  • Hand-free hand sanitizer siphon works with the majority of hand sanitizer, disinfectant, liquor available
  • Capacity- 8L-10L
  • Type- wall mounted
  • Type- Spray Dispenser


It is an essential concentration to make a programmed hand sanitizer splash allocator that doesn’t spill subsequently to giving you an exact amount. The inherent elite valve will cut the stream totally and afterward seal up the spout. Wall-mounted cleanser distributor can work at an ideal level without spillages as the principal day you own it following quite a while of consistent utilization. Buy this wall-mounted SPRAY DISPENSER to save space and keep your hands clean without much effort.



Hand sterilizing is the powerful and practical moment approach to clean your hands from irresistible agents. It is notable that children will contact everything without exception, at some point or another those grimy digits will wind up in their mouths. Concerning adults, we frequently contact ATM machines, warmly greet others, manage cash, there is an opportunity we may come down with the transmissible disease. Presently, with the assistance of a sprayer, the greater part of germs and microscopic organisms will be killed  by hand disinfecting


This WALL MOUNTED SANITISER MIST SPRAY DISPENSER brings down utilization and limits squander without sacrificing cleanliness because the funnel-shaped fog can cover a greater amount of your skin yet with less sanitizer than the ordinary dribble type device while giving a superior bactericidal and veridical productivity


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